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JHR’s new cover features an original piece of art titled, The Global Village, painted by artist Blanche Serban. You can see more of Blanche’s art on her website

Welcome to the Journal of Human Rights

The Journal of Human Rights seeks to broaden the study of human rights by fostering the critical re-examination of existing approaches to human rights, as well as developing new perspectives on the theory and practice of human rights. The journal aims to meet a globally growing interest in the study and practice of human rights by serving as an arena for the public discussion and scholarly analysis of human rights, broadly conceived.

Because the Journal is committed to theoretical and ideological diversity in the study of human rights, the editor welcomes papers from scholars and disciplines traditionally associated with the study of human rights as well as papers from those in other disciplines or fields of inquiry which have traditionally been under-represented in the field.

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Editorial Team

Shareen Hertel
University of Connecticut

Thomas Cushman
Wellesley College
Founder and Editor-at-Large

Catherine Buerger
University of Connecticut
Managing Editor

Sarita Cargas
University of New Mexico
Book Review Editor

Sandra Sirota
University of Connecticut
Book Review Editor

Rachel Chambers
University of Connecticut
Social Media Editor

Kelebogile Zvobgo
College of William & Mary
Social Media Editor

Ben Carbonetti
Trinity College
Data Editor

Elizabeth Holzer
University of Connecticut
Editor for Inclusion

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Special Issue News

JHR issue 20.2 , guest edited by Anthony J. Langlois (Flinders University, Australia) and Mathew Davies (Australian National University), explores Human Rights Governance in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations – ASEAN. The intent behind this special issue was to mark the first decade of ASEAN’s institutionalization of human rights, and to use the anniversary as an opportunity for reflection on what has been achieved, as well as a provocation for what needs to be done. From the profound trauma being experienced in Myanmar today, through to the day-to-day experiences of SOGIE discrimination and violence, there are great challenges for the realization of rights in the region, but there is also a great appetite to make rights matter. The issue is freely available online for the month of April.

News and Updates

JHR has revamped its social media presence! We're pleased to welcome Rachel Chambers and Kelebogile Zvobgo to our Editorial team as our Social Media co-Editors. Follow us on Twitter for journal updates.

Kelebogile Zvobgo writes about how truth commissions, and transitional justice more broadly, are long overdue in the United States in a piece in Foreign Policy

Read "America First and the human rights regime" by Kurt Mills and Rodger A. Payne. They discuss their JHR article in a piece on The Conversation



Human Rights Methodology

Methods Focus

In issue 17.4, JHR introduced a new “Methods Focus” series where authors explore various methodological approaches to the study of human rights. The series highlights the breadth of research that we publish in JHR.


JHR’s Quantitative Dataverse

JHR’s Quantitative Dataverse is a tool aimed at advancing quantitative human rights scholarship –  an online portal (hosted through Harvard Dataverse) featuring all datasets associated with articles of this nature published in JHR. You can access the Dataverse site here: https://dataverse.harvard.edu/dataverse/jhr